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Food of Himachal Pradesh


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Food of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is full of exotic tastes and flavors. There are various sub cultures in Himachal Pradesh each with their own legacy of taste. This is no surprise as Paharis, Brahmins. Rajputs and Tibetans exist in Himachal and all of them have different culinary surprises to offer. Punjabi and Tibetan influence is strong in Himachal Pradesh. When you visit Himachal Pradesh, don’t forget to sample the different kinds of exotic food served there.

Food of Himachal Pradesh

Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh

Dham is a multi dish wholesome Himachali Meal which takes a long time to prepare. It is usually served on festive occasions like Lohri or Baisakhi. Dham is specially served in the Chamba area of Himachal and it begins with Rice and Rajma along with delicious Moong Dal broth. Boor ki Kari and Palak Kaju are the next items of thee meal and every bite is spiced with the khatta chutney (made from jiggery and tamarind). The meal ends with mitha kheer or sweetened rice. Akotri is also a festive food in the Northern parts of Himachal.

This dish is made from buck wheat and wheat flour. Ankalos is made with sweetened gram flour and is used as a biscuit. Himachal’s answer to America’s Pancakes is Patande; a pancake like food served with jiggery syrup. Himachali people usually have Sidu instead of Bread for breakfast. The Sidu is eaten with cream or butter and is peppered with Soya Bean and Walnut. This dish is a must have on festive occasions. Sepu Vadi, Kaddu ka Khatta and Guchi Mattar are the vegetarian specialties of Himachal Pradesh. Indra is made with Urad Dal and fried with batter to represent a circular spicy Bada. In most shops it’s served with cool mint and pudina chutney.

Traditional Dishes in Himachal Pradesh

Non vegetarian dishes of Himachal Pradesh are also very famous. Trout is the most favorite fish of Himachal and it is served in various forms in Himachal Pradesh. Grilled Fish served with spicy sauce is one of the best dishes that you will found here. Chicken legs cooked with pomegranate seeds (chicken Anardaana) also taste very heavenly. Most meat dishes are on the spicy side (probably to combat the cold climate) and are incomplete without a generous dose of cardamom and cloves. Pahari

Food is a rare form of cuisine in Himachal which is served in only a few select regions like the Kangra Valley. A traditional Pahari Meal is a delight for the senses and is made with a lot of forest herbs and therefore is quite healthy. Khatta is delicious sour gravy which is composed of raw mango powder mixed with chickpeas and cilantro, asafetida and cardamom pods. Aloo Palda is another Pahari Dish which is very unusual in taste. Wild raw rice is cooked with potatoes in a base made with yoghurt, cumin, hing and cinnamon pieces. Bhey is yet another Pahari cuisine delicacy which is made up of lotus stems that are peeled and cut and coated with chickpea flour which is mixed with coriander powder and garlic.

North Indian Food in Himachal Pradesh

Most Himachalis have lentil, rice, curry and broth at home similar to a typical North India resident. However on festivals and special occasion’s special dishes like Manee, Bhagjery, and Chouck and Til ka chutney is made. In the North Indian restaurants of Himachal Pradesh you will get amazing varieties of curries, sabzis and paranthas, All the famous North Indian favorites like Chicken Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer, Palak Daal, Sabzi Kolhapuri, Missi Roti, Naan, Jeera Rice etc is available. The areas around Mandi, Palampur, Dalhousie, and Pathankot are the places where you can get the best North Indian food.

North Indian dishes in Himachal Pradesh

Madra is made up of kidney beans cooked over a slow fire with yoghurt, desi ghee and 21 spices. Luchi Poti is a great dish made with mashed lamb intestines and chick peas. Makki is made up of 5 different lentils and several spices along with buttermilk. These are rural North Indian delicacies that are best sampled in small dhabhas that are run by locals.

Bhatoora and Channa is served in many roadside dhabas and stall and it’s a hot favorite amongst tourists. Chaat, dabeli, aloo tikki, chana masala and papri chaat in Himachal are also scrumptious.

South Indian Cuisines in Himachal Pradesh

It’s surprising to note how South Indian staples like Appam and chicken curry, Fish Moilee, stuffed Medu Vada and filter Coffee is served in restaurants in the extreme northen climes of India (Himachal). The large tourist traffic in the state has made locals and south India migrants set up restaurants here that offer a slice of the culinary heaven of Southern India. You can get Masala Dosa, Paper Dosa, Uttapams, Idlis, Upma and all other well known South Indian dishes in Himachal. Some good places to go to for Dosas and Appams are Baljees in Shimla and New Metro in Dalhousie.

International Food in Himachal Pradesh

While the rest of Himachal Pradesh has strong influence of Punjab and Tibet (due to its geographical positioning) there are some areas where you will get the best of European, French and Italian cuisine. Generally international cuisine serving upscale restaurants and posh café’s are found centered on the tourist hubs of Manali and Shimla while a few such Cafes also exist in Mcleod Ganj. Gourmet international cuisine in Himachal is a treat to sample delivered as it is amidst the beautiful scenic settings.

Cafes in Himachal Pradesh

Thin crust Napolitano Pizzas garnished with Focacia, black olives and bacon will take you straight back to Italy. If you want to sample amazing Italian Pizzas then head off to Johnson’s Café in Manali. Trout (a European Favorite) is served in a variety of Forms in Café Bella Vista. Pan fried trout with garlic lemon sauce or wood baked trout with ground almond sauce are some of the local favorites. Classic European dishes like mashed potatoes with cream and pancakes with honey are also served along with the best French and Port wines. Some cafes serve brunches comprising of a scrumptious spread of food including sausage and egg fry, waffles, pan cakes with maple syrup, club sandwich and grilled vegetables etc.

It’s amazing to note that the Japanese cuisine in Himachal extends way more than the typical Sushi platters. The Negi Paying Guest House and Restaurant serves Japanese delicacies like Kakiage Udom and Om Rice.

Tibetan and Chinese Food in Himachal Pradesh

Most areas in Himachal Pradesh serve excellent Chinese and Tibetan food. Since the areas near Lahaul Spiti are very near the Indo Tibet border there is a strong influence of Tibetan food in Himachal Cuisine. Mostly the cooks operating the Tibetan restaurants are Tibetan by origin which is why the food has such a strong authentic flavor in it.

Small stalls dot all the remote scenery points and the borders of the hilly passes of Himachal and they mostly sell Momos and Butter Tea. Fried, Steamed Momos with spicy sauce and a variety of fillings like sautéed veggies, chicken, fish, mutton, pork etc are extremely popular. Sometimes in authentic Tibetan shops you will get T momos served with spicy aloo and carrot curry. Tibetan Café in Kangra and Tse Mora’s Place in Lahaul are good places to have Tibetan food.

Thukpa of Himachal Pradesh

Other strong Tibetan favorites in Himachal are Lhasa deep fried sausages, sesame mutton chops,  Tibetan pastries with butter and sugar, Tibetan veggie and pork rolls, Thence (spicy noodle soup), Thukpaa and Ghepchu (Fried pastries filled with chicken stuffing). Tibetan Beer is made with barley and is available in many shops in Himachal. Chinese food is pretty common and is found in almost all well established restaurants in Himachal. You will get eternal favorites chilly chicken, shezwan chicken and sweet and sour fish along with staples like Hakka noodles and chopsuey. Uncommon varieties of Chinese cuisine like Mandarin duck, pan fried honey noodles and baby corn in shashlik sauce is also available in good Chinese restaurants like Chopsticks in Manali and Devicos in Shimla.

Sweets and Desserts in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal has a sweet tooth as is evident from the vast number of sweet shops and Chocolate Café’s here. If you love traditional Himachali sweets like saffron Kheer, Meethai and Jalebi then head off to Premjee’s Galee in Solan or Manali Sweets in Manali. Dal Pinni, Imarti, Milk Cake, Desi Ghee Laddoo, Moong Dal Barfi are some of the sweets that are very famous in Himachal.

Sweets of Himachal Pradesh

On the other hand if you love international desserts then opt for pancakes with honey, chocolate fondue, walnut cakes with chocolate sauce and maple syrup fritters etc in any one of the multi cuisine restaurants in Himachal. You should try the fresh fruit salad platters with honey and cream and the cherry, plum, apricot flavored ice cream in the ice cream parlors here.

Packaged Food and Snacks in Himachal Pradesh

If you are visiting Himachal and are a big fan of its food then do take the trouble of carrying back some of its delectable snacks for your home and family. Some of the famous Himachali snacks are Ast, Aktori, Babroo, Barai and Borha. Most of these items are made with wheat flour, chick pea flour and fermented wheat slurry. You can also try buying meetha malpude and spicy waris and they are available in most famous snacks shops in Himachal.

Some famous places to buy these stores are Namkeen Bhandar in Shimla and Beekay’s snacks store in Manali.

Jams, Jellies and Pickles in Himachal

If you have to choose one item to sample in your whole Himachal Tour then you should choose its jams or pickles. The natural abundance of Himachal has blessed it with a large variety of fruits like apples, cherries, plums, black currants, sweet berries, apricots, almonds and mandarin oranges. Each of these delicious fruits are picked and processed into delicious jams, jellies, compotes and marmalade by the women working in cottage industries of Himachal. The best places to buy these jars of jams and jellies are in the Khadi Gram Udyog Bhavans in each area of the state.

Minchy’s in Manali is another great place to buy jams, jellies, pickles and compotes in Himachal Pradesh as the items here are quite prettily packaged and delicious.

Jams & Jellies of Himachal Pradesh

Pickles from Lingad (locally available kidney bean), brinjal, galgal (local asparagus), bidana, bottle gourd and even Rhodendron are prepared by locals. The rich aroma and spicy taste of these pickles make them unique and great items to carry back home.

You can also try looking for the kanfru and the kalakara mushroom pickles as they are available only in Himachal Pradesh in India.

Wine and Beverages in Himachal

Owing to the cold climate most locals of Himachal love to prepare and drink alcoholic beverages with their meals. If you visit Himachal Pradesh then don’t forget to pick up the locally brew wines and ciders. On the hand if you are a teetotaler then opt to buy the locally made non alcoholic sparkling beverages.

Cider and wine in Himachal Pradesh is made with kiwi, straw berry, black currant, red grape, peach, plum, orange and pear. Sometimes wild rose, honey suckle, thyme and rhodendron fragrances and flavors are also inserted in these breweries to impart an exotic flavor in these spirits. Most of the fruit concentrate used in the wines, fruits and beverages are processed in the Marketing and Processing Plants operated by H.P government.

The Tempest brand Apple Cider of Himachal is quite popular and it is exported to many other parts of the world. If you are not a very big fan of local spirits then there are umpteen bars and pubs in restaurants serving the best alcohol brands. You will get Chivas Regal, Jhonny Walker Scotch, Corona, Heineken Beer, Grey Goose, Absolute Vodka and the best of Champagnes and French Wines in Himachal. This is a very tourist friendly state so whatever your favorite brew is, you are sure to find it in Himachal.

Top Restaurants of Himachal Pradesh

All important tourist hubs in Himachal Pradesh have a number of restaurants, cafes, bistros and eateries that serve a variety of cuisines. Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Arabic, North Indian, South Indian, Tibetan and European food is served in many of these restaurants especially those in Shimla, Mcleod Ganj and Manali. Local Pahari, Chamba and Kinnauri cuisine is also served in many restaurants especially in the lesser explored areas of Himachal.

Popular Eateries in Himachal Pradesh

Restaurants in Dalhousie

The food of Dalhousie is world famous. Stepping into any of the eateries in Dalhousie could easily be a memory to cherish for the lifetime.

This Restaurant is filled with antique carved Jammu Furniture and Kashmiri embroidery wall hangings. Though unlike its distinctly Italian name the food served is not Italian, the Chinese food here is very good. The best chilly chicken and Hakka noodles in Dalhousie is available in Napoli. On a few select days Roasted duck with baby tomatoes and onions along with grilles trout is also served
Near Gandhi Chow GPO in Dalhousie

Tibetan Kitchen
This little eatery is almost always full. On weekends and late evenings you will find that you will actually have to queue up to wait for your turn. However this place is totally worth the wait as it serves excellent Bhutanese Dishes that are rarely found elsewhere outside Bhutan. Kewa Datse or Potatoes cooked in tomatoes and cheese is one of their signature dishes. Tibetan food is also available here in abundance. Shapta or roasted lamb and baby onions is a must try.

Tibetan Kitchen

Location: Bazaar Road in Dalhousie

Café Dalhousie
Authentic North Indian and South Indian food is served in Dalhousie Café. Crispy Dosas, vegetable stuffed Uttapams, Butter Chicken with Naan and Pulav-Mutter Paneer is what the home sick tourist comes here for. The sweets are also unabashedly North Indian right from Gajar ka Halwa to Gulaab Jamun to Jalebi. This is also one of the most economical restaurants in Dalhousie.
Down Town, Hotel Dalhousie in Dalhousie

Kwality Restaurant
Full floor carpeting and dim lighting gives Kwality restaurant a luxurious feel. Go there for the authentic north Indian as well as delicious South Indian food along with surprisingly good Chinese food too. The Tomatino Fish and Mandarin Chicken here is quite famous. In the evenings Kwality restaurant serves tasty pizzas and burgers.
Bazaar Road Dalhousie

Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba
This restaurant brings you the full flavor of Punjab into hilly Dalhousie. The Sher-e Punjab Dhaba serves great Kebabs and Punjabi food along with a tempting array of sweets. This serves good liquor too and don’t be fooled by its rustic name; the place is actually quite posh. Recently Chinese food has been added to their repertoire and you can try golden fried Jumbo Prawns.
Old Gandhi Chow, Dalhousie

Rainbow Café
This Café is where the locals of Dalhousie come for their bite of Americano food like Pizzas, Burgers, Rolls and cupcakes. This place looks, feels and tastes American and is quite a rarity in North India influenced Dalhousie. The milk shakes and ice cream sundaes served in Rainbow Café are quite delicious.
Location: Rooftop on the Vashiana Building in Dalhousie

Restaurants in Shimla

The restaurants in Shimla are abundant. You can enjoy tasty sizzlers as well as mild soups at Shimla.

Nick’s Italian House
This restaurant serves great Italian food and is unpretentious and homely. The owners Laura and Steve are Italian by origin and they still get some of their herbs and spices from Italy. This is why the food has such a nice authentic zing. Gnochi, Sphagheti, Lasagne, Family Pizzas and Pasta; you will get all this and more here. This is a well established restaurant with a decent price bracket.
Top of Kunga Guest House in Shimla

Gakyi Restaurant
Gakyi Restaurant opens quite late around 11.30 A.M and is a popular place for tourists who are looking for a good brunch (breakfast + Lunch) place. There are Tibetan signature dishes as well as Classic European food on offer and the place alternatively plays both local and European music. Try out their fried Pork Ribs which mustard and cheese dip and fish and chips on the menu.
Link Road in Shimla

Tibetan Mandala Café
Tibetan Mandala Café is café full of authentic Tibetan styled furniture and sumptuous array of soups and momos. Tibetan fusion food like pork momo rolls, T momo with potato curry, Tibetan Chopsuey and Himalayan Curry Pizza. The Mandala Café is frequented by local musicians who often strike up an impromptu gig sitting there in the Café balcony.
Near the Mall in Shimla

Ashoka International Restaurant
The best Chinese and Indian food in the whole of Bhagsu is found in the Ashoka International Restaurant. Chinese specialties here include spicy honey chicken, Honk Kong Chicken and Prawn Dumplings. Indian Himachali cuisine like wild duck with onions, Trout curry and roasted chicken with asparagus is also very popular here. Floor seating with mats and cushions are also found here.

Embassy Restaurant
The Embassy Restaurant is well established and one of the longest running restaurants in Shimla. Earlier, British generals and Viceroys used to dine here. Now the royal charm has faded but the restaurant still offers excellent food and drinks. Though the menu comprises of Indian, Continental and Chinese; Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Korma are the pick of the lot.
Location: The Mall Road in Shimla

La Plage Restaurant
This is arguably one of the best Restaurants in the whole of Himachal. Having dinner here is like being exposed to a night out in one of the best cities in the world; Paris. The best French food and the choicest of wines served in an ambience of grace and beauty makes this restaurant a best choice for good food lovers. This restaurant has its master Chef imported right from France which is why the food here is so exclusive.

La Plage

Location: Mall Road in Shimla

Khana Nirvana
Khana Nirvana is a community Café that serves as a relaxed community café that acts as a bridge between the local Himalayan people and the tourists. Vegetarian food which is organically grown food is the signature style of this restaurant. The cafe is filled with handicrafts and artifacts made by kids and women working in orphanages and NGO’s. There are a variety of juices and shakes served here all excellent from the health point of view.
Temple Road in Shimla

Indian Coffee House
Though this is a franchise member of the great Indian coffee chain of Indian Coffee House; the Shimla version is worth a visit. This has an old world’s charm with picturesque booths, waiters wearing uniforms, menus scribbled on blackboards and high rise ceiling. In winters there will be a log fire blazing away while you can munch on the predictably delicious cutlets and sandwiches served here.
Near the Mall Road in Shimla.

Cafe Sol
Café Sol is a Primarily Mexican and Mediterranean food and serves excellent wine too. Risotto, Lasagne, Meat pies and Chicken with Peri Peri sauce is also found in Café Sol. Tourists in who visit this pretty café can sample some of the best cakes in Shimla. Chocolate Fondue and Blueberry Muffins found here are famous in the whole of Shimla. Greek Salad and other items of Greek Food are the newest items in this Café.
Near Krishna Nagar in Shimla

The Restaurant Ashiana is situated on the highest building on the Ridge and it is an excellent place to watch the colorful people of Shimla trot by. The sunny terrace on Ashiana is a great place to take long relaxed lunches and sip on cocktails. The menu is eclectic with a choice ranging from Appams to Lemon Chicken-Rice to Thai Food.
Near the Lower Bazaar Road in Shimla

Restaurants in Kullu Manali

The restaurants in Kullu Manali area are many. At the eateries in Kullu and Manali you can find food of every cuisine.

Khyber Lounge Bar
If you are fond of good home brawn healthy Ciderthen Khyber is the best place to head off to. Cold Beer and Kebabs make for a winner combination and so does Shwarma Rolls and Cider. Giant sized Pizzas, Grilled Trout with Cheese Sauce and Lamb Burgers are the other specialties on offer. Chinese and Indian food is also on offer.
Near Lakkar Bazaar in Manali

Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted
This is the prettiest hangout restaurant in Manali which also doubles up as café in the evenings. Though small sized the brightly colored décor makes this restaurant stand out as a lovely place to spend time. 25 varieties of chilled Coffee /steaming hot) is available here along with chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. If you want to have a hearty English breakfast this is the place to be.

Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted

Near Lakkar Bazaar in Kullu- Manali

Café Kumzum Top

This charming little Café is decked up in the traditional Tibetan Style with Thangkas and Dragons adorning the walls. The interiors are cozy and there is even a warm fire place inside. Tibetan staples like Thupka, T Momo and Soup Momos are what this café is famous for. Café Kumzum has its own little wild rose and cherry garden where diners can put up their chairs. The cinnamon flavored coffee here is worth dying for.
Location: Lower Kullu Road

Topchen Restaurant
Topchen Restaurant is situated bang opposite the Nyingampa Monastery. It’s not unusual to see hordes of brightly robed monks sitting here for a bowl of Tibetan Noodles and Pork Momos. This is good place to go to if you want to experience the Lama way of life. The balcony in the Topchen restaurant offers an excellent view of the Himalayan Vista. Visit this restaurant for its authentic Tibetan meals.
Tibetan Colony in Kullu

Jhonson’s Hotel
Jhonson’s Hotel is the best option for European Food in Manali. This is a cozy café with a beautiful herb garden at the back which is tended to by the owner. Special signature dishes of the restaurant include lamb spiked with mint gravy and apple crumble. The other specialties are ravioli with cheese sauce and Spaghetti Bolognese. Fig pastry and apple cheesecake are also awesome.
Near the Tibetan Colony in Manali.

IL Forno
As the distinctly Italian sounding name suggests; this is a typically Italian Restaurant. The restaurant building in itself is made of old natural stone and polished timber giving the place a luxuriant feel. The blazing wooden fire inside along with the interesting artwork jazzes up the place. Lasagne, various Pasta dishes, Calzones and hand baked Pizzas are on offer. The Veronese Chef there makes excellent espressos.

II Forno

Location: Near the Hadimba Temple in Manali

Locals in Manali rate Mayur very highly for its innovative continental dishes. The décor and the choice of menu are all classic and delicious. The colors chosen are bright and cute and give the place a cheery feel. The upper floor is styled in the form of a continental café which serves fish in creamy sauce, delicious ratatouille and liver with baby tomatoes and onions. The restaurant is great but the prices are a tad on the expensive side.
Location: Mission Road, Manali

Lazy Dog Lounge Bar
This is a super stylish café that stands right there on the river banks of Manali. The food is fresh, reasonably priced and way outside the league of an average backpacker’s café. The ambience and the seating arrangement consist of floor cushions, casual benches and lots of cane chairs. Trout grilles, Spicy Thai rice and Pan Asian thalis are found in the Lazy Dog Lounge. Internationally flavored wines are available in this lounge.
Club Road, Manali

People Cafe
People’s Café is the quintessential backpacker’s café which serves a wide variety of food. Israeli food, Red and Green Thai curry, fruit and veggie salad and crispy sushi rolls which are sprinkled with trout grill. Russian owner of the café makes excellent blinis and sugary fritters with delicious condensed milk. Spend your time eating delicious food and painting on the sheets of paper and crayons kept on the table.
Manalasu River Road in Manali

Arguably the best restaurant in Manali, this place is sure to have a long waiting line for you. Everything from Tibetan to Japanese to Chinese food is found at Chopsticks and the food is of excellent quality. Gyoza, Thupka, Fried Momos, Sushi and Roasted Duck with Teriyaki Sauce are the best dishes on offer here. Make sure to visit this restaurant at least once when you are in Manali.
Central Bazaar in Manali

Planet Food
Planet Food is a multi floored restaurant with a lot of different types of cuisines served in it. There are separate sections for Chinese, Continental, Indian and casual American. Most of the entrees served here are awesome and offer great value for money. There is a bar with a beautiful pool attached with it that is a good place to lounge around in.

Planet Food

Location: Bazaar Road in Kullu

Restaurants in Chamba

Love to eat India dishes then don’t forget to step in at the restaurants in Chamba.

Park View Restaurant
This restaurant is quite inconsequential looking but remains fully packed at all times. Tourists come here attracted by the strong WOM surrounding it and are then hooked to its food. Delicious chicken biryani, jeera Pulav, Mutter Paneer, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Chicken and the Chef’s Special Rabri served here makes this place a culinary heaven.
Museum Road, Chamba

Jagan Restaurant
This is one of those old world restaurants that still have liveried waiters, blackboard menus and old oil paintings on the walls. The specialty is typical Chamba food like the local delicacy Chamba Madhra or kidney beans with Curd and Kaju Methi Curry. You can sample a hearty meal here at the unbelievable price of Rs 80.

Jagan Restaurant

Location: Station Road in Chamba

Ravi View Hut
Interestingly this is a hut shaped eatery which is reminiscent of the accommodation houses that are still used by locals of the Chamba valley. This is a super affordable eatery with very delicious food. Shezwan Dosa, Spicy Chicken Curry and Navratan Korma are a few items that are very famous in this restaurant. Icy cold beer is available here for only Rs 100/- so make sure that you quench your thirst here before you go sight-seeing.
HPTDC Outlet near Ravi River

World Peace Café
This Café is built in the memory of important people who participated in the world peace movement. Every weekend jam sessions are organized for budding musicians. A choice spread of Italian, Israeli and Mexican food is laid out for the locals and tourists. There is a huge Piano in the patio where you can try your hand.
Station Road in Chamba

Restaurants in Mcleod Ganj

There are finger licking delicacies to enjoy at the restaurants in Mcleod Ganj.

Om’s Café / Namgyal Café
The little hill town of Mcleod Ganj is known for its breathtaking scenery and amazing international food. Some of the best Pizzas in Himachal are served here in this tiny Café which has its own private terrace with a commanding view. The music played here is 80’s and sometimes there is a live band performance too.
Nowrojee Road in Mcleod Ganj

Lung Ta
This is one of the rare Japanese restaurants in Mcleod Ganj and the best thing about this restaurant is that it is non profit. On Thursdays and Tuesdays there is huge rush for Sushi and Miso roll. Authentic Japanese sauces are imported for use in Lung Ta. Japanese travelers are seen making a beeline towards this restaurant for quenching their homesickness with Saki.
On Jogibara Road in Mcleod Ganj

Moonpeak Espresso Café
You will be transported into Seattle once you visit this quaint bustling Café. One of the signature dishes here is chicken poach with mango, lemon and mint-coriander chutney. 10 different varieties of cakes including coffee walnut and strawberry short cake are found here. Another good choice is Himachali Thali with an authentic sampler of local food.
Temple Road in Mcleod Ganj

Café Boom Boom
This is one of the most artistically designed Cafes in Mcleod Ganj. The design is awesome with a beautiful Mosaic Floor and awesome artwork on the walls. There is huge balcony which is overhung with paper roses and trailing honeysuckle. The view is amazing and you can sit in silence while munching on 3 cheese Pizza, chicken focacia and pastries and coffee.
Location: Jogibara Road in Mcleod Ganj

Jimmy’s Kitchen
This is a well established restaurant bang opposite a beautiful white chorten. Most diners prefer to sit up in the rooftop and savor the baked potatoes in cream cheese along with Greek salad. Fatooush and Hummus Salad are also on offer here along with a dozen different kinds of frozen yoghurt.

Jimmy's Kitchen

Location: Jogibara Road in Mcleod Ganj

Restaurants in Kinnaur Valley

Enjoy both Italian and Tibetan cuisine at Kinnaur Valley with lovely eateries out here…

Little Chef’s Restaurant
This is a cute little restaurant owned and operated by a rosy cheeked Tibetan couple. The dishes are prepared in traditional Kinnauri style with unique use of spices like Saffron. Gosht Subz, Kinnaur Rajma, Tamatar Makhan are some of the best dishes found here. This restaurant also has a small Internet Café attached to it.
Bus Stand in Rekong Peo

Pizza Olive
The flavors and aromas wafting from the giant Pizza ovens and the Pasta dishes in this tiny bistro are so tempting that you will not be able to resist walking in. There is a garden outside the café where you can sip cream coffee or munch on garlic bread sticks with cheese sauce. The giant Pizza selections in this restaurant are really delicious.

Pizza Olive

Location: Near Ladakh Border in Kinnaur Valley

Sachin Kunga Restaurant
This restaurant is one of the few good eateries in this remote location. The menu is typical Spiti and Tibetan cuisine and the price of maximum food items are very cheap. Local wine and some limited liquor brands are also available here. If you are a teetotaler then sipping on Gurgur or Butter Tea with pork Momos is a good option.
Old Kaza Bazaar near Auto Stand

The amazingly delicious food available in Himachal Pradesh is one of the reasons why it is the top tourist traffic attracting state in India. There is so much diversity in Himachal that the cultural uniqueness seeps into the cuisine as well. Whatever region of Himachal Pradesh you visit, don’t miss out on the awesome food in the best restaurants.

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