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Adventure Sports in Himachal Pradesh


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Adventure Sports in Himachal Pradesh

There are a lot options for the young and the young at heart for adventure in Himachal Pradesh. Each season offers a new basket of adventurous activities with different levels of challenges. In fact people visit Himachal Pradesh from all corners of the world to participate in the different kinds of adventurous activities like snow skiing, trekking, camping, zorbing, river rafting, horse riding etc.

If you are bored with your sedentary existence then come try out these activities in Himachal Pradesh.

Hang Gliding in Himachal Pradesh

Hang Gliding is a more challenging avatar of Para Gliding where the participant is fixed to a huge light and not motor able aircraft called a hang glider. The body of the glider is made of aluminum alloy while wings are made of sailcloth. The entire experience is akin to flying like a beautiful bird in the sky. Overweight people are ill advised from participating in this sport

Sites popular for Hang Gliding:

  • Biling in Kangra Valley
  • Intkali in Pabbar Valley
  • Bundla Dhar in Kullu Valley

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is famous for paragliding activities which happen at several centers. The lovely scenery and breathtaking landscape in Himachal makes it a perfect backdrop for this daring sport. Paragliding is done in a horizontal orientation on paragliders which are constructed of strong aluminum alloys. This sport gives you the experience of flying like an exotic bird.


Famous Destinations for Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has some excellent and world class destinations for paragliding visited by the adventure lovers worldwide:

Bir Billing in Kangra Valley
The beautiful Kangra Valley is a delight for every adventure lovers. Surrounded by mountains, Kangra Valley is regarded as the Paragliding Capital in Himachal Pradesh.  Launching for paragliding requires high altitude like mountain peaks, hill top or a cliff. Offering an enchanting view of the majestic Kangra Valley and the mighty Dhauladhar Range, Bir at an altitude of about 2,080 metres and Billing at an altitude of about 2,600 metres above sea level is regarded as best place for paragliding in India and second best in the world. It organizes National and International Paragliding events every year.

The launch site is at an elevation of about 7,874 feet (2,400 metres) at the hill top in Billing. For the amateur fliers, there are two seated gliders available whereby they can enjoy the thrill of flying high in the air with an experienced pilot for assistance. The 'Para Gliding Pre World Cup' in Bir Billing, organised by the Tourism and Aviation Department attracts a lot of tourists. The best time for paragliding in Bir Billing is between March to June and again from September to November.

Solang Nala in Kullu Valley
The picturesque Kullu Valley is a famous tourist destination offering a variety of adventurous activities, with paragliding being the most anticipated sport. Situated at an elevation of about of 8,135 feet above the sea level, Solang Nala in Kullu is a side valley in Kullu Valley famous for paragliding, especially among amateur fliers. It is located at a distance of about 15 km from Shimla. The best time for paragliding in Solang is between May to September.

Bandla Ridge in Bilaspur
The magnificent Bandla Ridge at an altitude of about 2,600 feet above the sea level is an excellent launching site for paragliding. It stands tall over the beautiful Bilaspur town and has a vast landing site at Luhne, along the bank of Govind Sagar Lake. The paragliding training offered in Bilaspur is the best training offered in the whole of Asia and has lots of national and international takers.

Paragliding at Bir Billing

Bijli Mahadev in Manali
The majestic Bijli Mahadev is a popular place for paragliding. Situated at an altitude of about 2,460 metres above the sea level with the beautiful Parvati Valley and Kullu Valley on either side, the ridge provides an excellent launching site for paragliding with the landing ground being the Bhunter airstrips.

Rohtang Pass in Manali
The breathtaking Rohtang Pass situated at an elevation of about 3,978 metres above the sea level is an excellent spot for paragliding. It is about 15 km from the beautiful Manali city. Tourists come here in large numbers for paragliding and experiencing an unbelievable view of the snow capped mountains and peaks from the sky are inexplicable.

Indru Nag in Dharamshala
The Indru Nag, situated at an altitude of about 2,000 metres above the sea level is a frequently used launching site for paragliding. It offers an exciting flight over the beautiful Dharamshala City. The perfect time for paragliding at Indru Nag is between Octobers to December. Paragliding over Dharamshala provides a breathtaking view of the snow capped mighty Dhaulandhar Peaks.

Lahaul and Spiti
The magnificent Lahaul and Spiti twin valley is located along the Indo-Tibet border. It is a popular spot for paragliding as the might Himalayas have the ideal climatic and physio graphic conditions for paragliding. The best season for paragliding at Lahaul and Spiti is between May to October.

Equipments for Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

While on paragliding, one needs to have safety equipments which will help on a successful flight.


The Paraglider is one of the most important equipments needed for paragliding. The glider should depend on one’s takeoff weight and DHV (second-hand gliders) or the more recent LTF, DULV or EN ratings.

A harness is very important equipment that connects one’s body to the glider. The harness should be comfortable and have a back protection.

Paragliding Helmets
The helmet used for paragliding should not be heavy or loose fitting. One can choose an open faced or closed helmet.

Paragliding Reserve
The paragliding reserve or the parachute is important equipment. The parachute should not be very complicated and should open fast.

Paragliding Variometer
The variometer is important equipment that keeps one updated about the altitude, as well as the ascent and descent rate. It also helps the pilots to keep within the thermal and is very important equipment for paragliding.

Some additional or optional equipments are:

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Flight Suit
A flight suit helps in protection against weather.

A glove provides protection against cold or any bruise or burns while ground handling.

A radio helps in communicating with the pilot while on a long flight.

Hook Knife
It is always advisable to carry hook knives or V knives.

Safety Tips for Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

  • In the excitement, one should not forget to follow some important safety tips
  • If you have high blood pressure or Vertigo, do not go for paragliding.
  • Fly only when the weather is good and there is no chance of any rainfall.
  • One should be extremely alert and not under the influence of any intoxicants.
  • Make sure that the pilot assisting you is experienced enough and has a reserve parachute.
  • Use the glider only if it has an age sticker of less than seven years old.

Leave your tension and give wings to your dreams by paragliding in Himachal Pradesh.

Quad Biking in Himachal Pradesh

ATV Biking used to be very popular in the mountain terrains of Himachal Pradesh but now it has been replaced by Quad Biking. For nature lovers who are adventurous bike lovers; Quad Biking is a great activity. Any area in Himachal Pradesh which is full of mud holes and slopes is good for Quad Biking. All local sight seeing spots can be visited while enjoying rides on these powerful bikes.

Quad Biking

Sites popular for Quad Biking:
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Bijli Mahadev Mandir
  • Solang Valley

Mountaineering and Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is filled with deep gorges, gentle and fierce valleys, steep inclines and magnificent rocks; all of which makes it a mountaineering hub in India. There are guides available in Himachal Pradesh who teaches amateurs the basics of rock climbing and mountaineering. This sport requires a minimum level of fitness and flexibility of limbs.

Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh

Famous Rock Climbing Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Bathed in some magnificent mountain ranges and peaks, Himachal Pradesh offers some mesmering and famous rock climbing destinations:

Mount Deo Tibba in Manali
The magnificent Mt. Deo Tibba standing at a height of 6,100 metres is a famous place for rock climbing. Though very challenging, thousands of rock climbers come here to enjoy the thrill of rock climbing. It is located at the beautiful Pir Panjal Range in Manali and rock climbing at Mt. Deo Tibba is indeed an achievement.

Mount Hanuman Tibba in Beas Kund
The magnificent Beas Kund is ornamented with five spellbound peaks. The highest amongst these peaks, Mount Hanuman Tibba, at an altitude of 5,932 metres is an ideal destination for rock climbing. The climb to Mt. Hanuman Tibba is truly a challenging task and a great test of physical endurance. For professional climbers, however, Mt. Hanuman Tibba is a delight and ideal place for rock climbing. From Mt. Hanuman Tibba peak, one gets a scintillating view of the picturesque Dhauladhar Range, the beautiful Pir Panjal Range and the Greater Himalayan Range.

Mount Ladakhi in Manali
Mount Ladakhi at an altitude of 5,345 metres above the sea level is known for rock climbing. It is situated at a distance of about 15 km from Manali and the climb to the Ladakhi peak gives one an adrenaline rush. From the summit of Mt. Ladakhi, one gets a breathtaking view of Pir Pangal Range, Dhauladhar Range and some spectacular high peaks. However, rock climbing at Mt. Ladakhi is not advisable for amateur rock climbers as it has some real stiff terrains.

Seven Sisters in Manali
The majestic Seven Sister Peaks draw its name from the fact that it is a union of seven consecutive peaks. The Seven Sister peaks, perched at a height of about 4,500 metres above the sea level are famous for rock climbing. It is located at a distance of about 30 km to the north of Manali and rock climbing at the Seven Sisters peaks is a lifetime experience.

Friendship Peak in the Pir Panjal Range
The Friendship Peak at a height of 5,289 metres is a favourite rock climbing destination for both professional as well as amateur climbers. This snow capped mountain is situated at the Pir Pangal range and provides a panoramic view of Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters and Shitidhar Mountain, all of which face the Friendship Peak.

Shitidhar Mountain in Manali
The shitidhar Mountains at an elevation of about 4,600 metres above the sea level is a popular rock climbing destination among amateur rock climbers. Shitidhar which also means White Mountains is easily accessible making it a famous tourist destination. Manali is the closest town to Shitidhar. Once at the peak of the mountain, one gets an unbelievable view of Mt. Deo Tibba to the east and Mt. Hanuman Tibba to the west.

Patalsu Peak in Manali
The magnificent Patalsu Peak is situated at an altitude of about 4,500 metres above the sea level. Located in the Solang Valley, Patalsu Peak is an excellent place for rock climbing. It is very close to Manali, at a distance of only 14 km. The climb to Patalsu peak is not very tedious and is easily accessed by beginners.

Essential Requirements for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can become a nightmare if one is not properly equipped. There are some essential requirements that every climber should take care of:

One should take care in selecting the appropriate clothing for rock climbing. The dress chosen should be very comfortable and allow free movement of the legs.

It is very important equipment in rock climbing. It helps in attaching the climber to the rope to prevent them from falling.

Climbing Shoes
The shoes used in rock climbing should be rubber soled which helps in getting a better grip of the rocks. One should take care that the shoe fits them perfectly.

Helmet is an essential and must equipment in rock climbing. It protects the head and the skull from many accidents that may occur during rock climbing.

There are special ropes available for rock climbing. These ropes are called as ‘Kern mantel’. The rope chosen should be strong, thick and flexible.

A Carabiner helps in proper and quick positioning of the rope.

Chalk and Chalk Bag
Rock climbing is a very tedious process. One tends to sweat which results in losing their grip over the rope. A chalk helps in overcoming this situation by absorbing sweat from the palm.

Tape Slings
Tape slings help in getting a grip around trees or any other object.

Safety Tips for Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh

Rock climbing can prove to be fatal if done carelessly or without any precaution. One should follow some important safety tips before going for rock climbing:
  • Never go for rock climbing if you are feeling physically weak.
  • Never ever go for rock climbing without a helmet.
  • It is very important to cross check the harness.
  • Always use a climbing rope that is sufficiently long to reach the anchors.
  • Be extremely alert during rock climbing.
  • The climbing rope should be properly clipped.
  • While climbing, the climbing rope should be over your legs.

Plan a tour to Himachal Pradesh and indulge yourself in the exciting adventure of rock climbing.

Hot Air Ballooning in Himachal Pradesh

Giant colorful hot air balloons dot the entire Kullu Valley and they are the major reason why adventure lovers pursue Himachal Pradesh. About 60,000 cubic feet of warm air is filled inside a big nylon balloon to which a huge basket is attached.

Hot Air Balloon Himachal

Floating around in the hot air balloon in the beautiful valleys and scenery in Himachal will allow you a unique opportunity to experience its beauty from all altitudes. Generally tourists avail of the hot air balloon joy ride which provides a guide along with the Hot Air Balloon so that the ride can be safe and convenient too.
Sites popular for Hot Air Balloon Rides:
  • Biling in Kangra Valley
  • Manali in Kullu Valley

Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is home to several adventure sports activities and some of them require more mental than physical strength. One such activity is camping which allows tourists to explore the wild rustic charms of the state. Several camp sites are there in Himachal like those beside the lovely Chandrapahar Lake or the lofty Friendship Peak or the pristine Sangla Valley.


Usually adventure tours and travel organizers are in charge of conducting adventure camps which often come combined with trekking tours.

Sites popular for Camping:
  • Chail near Shimla in Kullu Valley
  • Sangla Valley near Tibet Border
  • Tabo in Spiti Valley

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the best states in the world for trekkers. There is easy, medium, and difficult as well as challenging treks in this state so there is something here for all amateur as well as experienced trekkers. Trekking camps are organized in various parts of Himachal Pradesh for adventure lovers with durations between 6-20 days. Trekking will take you through lush green alpine forests, luscious orchards and quaint little villages where you can see the local culture.


Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Amateur trekkers come here to learn the art of trekking while professionals come here to test their limits of endurance. The best areas for trekking in Himachal Pradesh lie around the greater Himalayan and the Zanskar ranges. There are about 12 passes around the Pir Panjal range and 8-10 passes around Great Himalayan range. Here is a compilation of the 10 top trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh and their order of difficulty.

Bhrighu Lake Trek
The Brighu Lake Trek lasts for 3-4 days and is considered to be one of the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh. If you are a novice to trekking or are on the wrong side of 40 then this is probably the best trek for you to opt for. The Lake Bhrigu itself nestles in amazing landscape at a high altitude of 4300 meters and is names after famous Hindu Saint Maharishi Bhrigu.

The starting point of the Trek is Manali and from there to Gulaba to Kothi Tel. From Kothi Tel there is a steep upward climb to an elevation of 2900 meters and there one can spend the night in overnight camp admiring the loveliness of Bhrigu Lake. The journey continues amidst mountainous trails to Vashishth and then to Pandu Ropa. The next stop is Vashishth village and a wonderful view of Pandu Ropa. You will also have a chance to view luscious apple orchards and famous hot springs of Vashisth.

Kareri Lake Trek
The Kareri Lake trek is not for amateurs; it’s for walkers who have trekked many times before on easy terrain and are now looking for something more challenging. The Kareri Lake which is formed by inflowing water from Manihiani peak is one of the most beautiful lakes of Himachal Pradesh and attracts ornithologists and nature lovers from all across the world. The beginning point of this long trek is McLeodGanj which is amazing Tibetan influenced town. From here you will have to trek towards Kareri village which is at an elevation of 1800 meters.

On the way you will encounter several craft villages with unique dance and music forms. Wild orchards, lush meadows will lead you up to Kareri Nalah which is a scary wooden bridge. Your next stop is Bagga and then Rewa from where you can go on to visit the famous Guna Devi temple. Your next stop will be Triund which is at an elevation 2850 meter. You can also glimpse the famous Minakarni Pass on the way.

Kareri Lake trek is for experienced trekkers who have experience of high altitude trekking and is recommended in summer season.

Jagatsukh to Deo Tibba
The Trek from Jagatsukh (6 km from Manali) to Deo Tibba will take you 6 days but the trek is an easy one and is ideal for young honeymooning couples who love walking but have never been on a trek before. Several Shikhara style temples nestle in JagatSukh and the view alongside the trek makes for an unforgettable experience. The luscious landscape which is dotted with apple orchards, lovely flowers and breathtaking varieties of Himalayan flora is a treat for any nature lover.

The trail continues to Khanul which is just before a dense wood filled with wild flowers and 50 varieties of alpine trees. The Chika waterfalls fall next and then Seri where you can get a glimpse of Deo Tibba peak. Seri was once a glacier but now is a flat meadow which has hundreds of rare flowers. Taina is the next stop which is at an elevation of 4000 meters and is filled with flowering plants and lovely lakes. This trek will last for 5-6 days and is best during the summers.

Dalhousie to Khistwar Trek
The trek from Dalhousie to Khistwar is a long duration trek which will take approximately 12-13 days buts is easy enough for amateur walkers. This trek is ideal for nature loving couple who plan to go on a long holiday to Himachal Pradesh. The trek begins in Dalhousie one of the famous tourist towns in Himachal and proceeds to Khajjar through a dense evergreen forest. The next stop is Chamba which is about 18 km from Khajjar where you can visit Laxmi Narayan temple and Bhuri Singh Museum. Afterwards there is a really steep climb which will start from Tarella and end in Satrundi which is at an elevation of 3400 meters.

From Satrundi one can approach the Sach Pass and from there a sharp descent to Bindrabani through a narrow path. The trail now crosses Sach Pass which is one of the most difficult parts of the journey. The trek subsequently continues to Killar to Bagtou to Ishata to Atholi. The next stop is Kishtawar which is more than 15300 meters above sea level and gives you the opportunity to experience the beautiful grassland, In between you can also explore the scenic villages of Galhar, Shasho etc.
The summer season is the ideal time for this long trek as in winters the Sach Pass is snowed over.

Chandratal Baralcha Trek
The Chandratal Baralcha Trek is one of the most scenic routes in Himachal Pradesh as it offers everything that a trekker could possibly want. The Lake is a descendant of Chandra river and itself is at an altitude of 4300 meters and is a newly discovered geological wonder of the state. From Manali you have to drive to Keylong which is a scenic spot from here the trek commences. From Keylong walk along to Batal where you can get a good view of the alpine mountain ranges. From Batal it will take you a good 7 hours to reach Chandratal Lake.

Lake will give you panoramic views of Miner peak, Talagiri ranges and the famous Tara Pahar along with Mukila ranges. Its advisable to camp around Chandratal at night before continuing on the trek. The further journey will take you to Tokpo Gompa and then to Tokpo Yongma which are famous monasteries. From here you will reach the crucial Balaracha Pass before continuing to Suraj Taal which is yet another splendid high altitude lake.

You can opt for this trek both in summers and the fall (autumn). This trek is also for experienced trekkers.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek
The Pin Parvati Pass Trek takes a long time…a whooping 17 days but the spiritual richness and the beauty of the landscape makes it totally worth it. This trek is geographically significant as it acts as a bridge between fertile Parvati region and fierce Spiti region. This is the number one choice for experienced trekkers who are looking for a long trek. The best thing about this trek is that you will see frequent change in landscape from barren to evergreen to mountain foliage. Kullu valley is dominated by Hindus while Spiti valley is home to Tibetans so the trek will take you across several subcultures.

The trek originates from KhirGanga a famous hot water spring which is near Manikaran. The next stop is Tunda Bhuj and then Thakur Kuan which is at an elevation of 3620 meter. Trail continues to Odi Thach which is at elevation of 3800 meter to the beautiful Mantalai lake which is further uphill. You will be able to see Pandu bridge believed to be constructed by Pandavas. Route moves downward to Tiai and merges into barren landscape of Spitti. The Kaza, Kibber, Tabo villages are next and they are full of ancient monasteries and colorful Tibetan culture. Next comes, the difficult Kurzum Pass which is the last challenging point of this long journey.

There are frequent changes of altitude during this trek so you need to be acclimatized. This trek is only advisable during summers.

Kalihani Pass Trek
The Kalihani Pass trek can be classified as one of the least travelled yet most beautiful travel destinations of India. This trek is of moderate difficulty and only gets crucial when one has to navigate through the slippery glacial paths of the upper Pir Panjal range. Excellent panoramic views of Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba and Indrasan can be commanded from this path. The trekking season is on from May to September and the trek is recommended to all nature lovers.

Kalihani Lake Trek

Manali which is one of the premier hill stations of India is the starting point for the trek. The first stop is Lama Dugh and the next one is Riyali Thach which is at a total elevation of 3400 meters. Sparkling streams and rare form of Himalayan flora will greet you on the way. A strenuous steep climb to Kalihani Pass is on the cards after which there is a gentle descent. This trek is recommended in summer or early fall.

Friendship Peak Treks
Friendship Peak is at a stunning 5289 meters and is one of the most coveted peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Several peaks like Shiti Dhar, Hanuman Tibba and the Seven Sisters surround Friendship Peak. Not only is the peak pictersque and a geological marvel it is surrounded by 3 major mountain ranges; Pir Panjal, Great Himalayan and Dhauladhar Ranges. Mountaineers and trekkers who have amassed certain years of experience target the “Friendship Peak” as their next achievement. Several summers trekking camps are held here and full help, training and support are provided to trekkers. For this reason if you are a trekker of a limited experience but want to have a life changing experience, you should target the Friendship Peak.

This is a non technical peak and starts off at Manali and then progresses to Solang where there is overnight camp and a trek through lush green forests. The next stop is Bakarthach which is the base camp for Friendship Peak. There is another Base Advanced Camp further up along the Peak from where summit attempts can be made. You will gain a surge of confidence if you can conquer Friendship Peak.

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek
Shepherd Trail was originally the chosen path for shepherds who had to find their way amidst the slippery mountain terrain of the Himalayas to tend and feed their herds. This is a tough trek and ranges from an elevation of 2050 meters to 4800 meters with the highest point called as Kalihani Pass. There are other passes like Khanpari Pass and Thamsar Pass which you will have to encounter. Gaddi Trek is essentially an alpine trek which weaves its way through several shepherd villages, wild orchards, meadows overrun by rhodendrons and plum plantations interspersed with gushing streams. All throughout the trek you will be following the silver line of the Himalayas and numerous blue watered lakes.

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

The commencement point is Manali and the next stop is Lamadaugh followed by Dohra Nalla and Kalihani. Post Kalihani the trek is difficult and Lamba Phad is the next stop right beside Sooni River. Bara Bhangal, Raj Gundha, Bhir are the 3 next consecutive stops before the trek finally ends in Dharamshala.

This is one of the longest treks needing good fitness, acclimatization skills and previous knowledge of trekking.

Bhabha Pass Trek
If ever in life you want to completely distress yourself and alienate yourself from the bustle of city life for a month…then opt for the Bhabha Pass Trek. This is the longest (takes 20 days) trek and also the least explored. This is an unique opportunity to explore the lovely Kinnaur landscape and the fierce Spiti terrain. The famous Rohtang and the Kumzum Pass fall in the way and you can also glimpse Kungri, Ki and Tabo Monastery. The Trek starts off at Sangla and then proceeds to Rakcham and then to Chitkul and then to Kafnu followed by Muling, Kara, Pushtling, Chochoden, Kaza, Mud and then finally to Manali after crossing Pin River.

This route is only recommended for fit people with prior trekking experience.

Enjoy trekking in Himachal Pradesh at its best.

Horse and Yak Riding in Himachal Pradesh

If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh then you should never miss out on the thrilling horse riding at Kufri and Shimla and the panoramic Yak rides at Lahaul Spiti. Most horses in Himachal are well trained and accustomed to tourists so you can be sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable time. While horse riding is a good option in summers, Yak rides are best enjoyed in the winters near the Indo Tibetan borders. You will experience the thrill of being a local hill dweller when you mount these magnificent animals.

Sites popular for Horse Riding and Yak Riding:
  • Kangra and Kullu Valley for Horse Riding
  • Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh for Yak Riding

River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh


The beautiful Sutlej River is the site for river rafting adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh. Strong professionally made rafts are used by people to cruise along the Sutlej waters and enjoy the scenic beauty along the banks. There are several areas where these activities are conducted in an organized manner with the help of adventure camp managers and it’s better to avail their services.

Sites popular for River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Bhang and Aleo in Kullu Valley
  • Tattapani near Sutlej River

Angling in Himachal Pradesh

If you want a break from the hectic and frenzied pace of modern life then fishing in Himachal is truly the best option for you. The sport of angling or fishing will require you to sit in one place communing with nature and straining your ears for the faint plunk and the delicious tug on your fishing rod as the fish finally bites the bait. Angling is an art that requires a lot of practice and you will learn many skills like patience, planning and timing while you are at it. But the best gift that angling offers to the city weary tourist is an undiluted experience of watching nature from up close.

Angling in Himachal Pradesh

As you sit with your fishing rod besides a flowing stream or sparkling river you will slowly grow aware of the dappled sunshine playing on the waters. The smooth perfect white pebbles, wild flowers along the river bed and the clear blue sky will rejuvenate your senses.

Best Places for Angling in Himachal Pradesh

Explore the best places for angling in Himachal Pradesh are given below:

Pabbar Valley Region in Himachal Pradesh
This picturesque place in Himachal is located around 80 Kms North East of the tourist capital of Shimla. The flowing Pabbar River is a hot spot for anglers from India as well as abroad who come here to experience the serene beauty of the place and catch the delicious Golden Mahaseer that abounds here. One of the largest actuaries of Mahaseer is present in Pabbar River and you will easily recognize the fish by its distinct reddish line flowing down its body and the faint golden color on its gills.

You will require permission from the Himachal Pradesh Government before you start angling here as this river is categorized as trout waters. After you obtain the license you can use only fishing rods and lines here.

Other fish you can catch in Pabbar Valley are Brown Trout, Catfish and Catla.

Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh
The Sangla Valley lies in the northern climes of Himachal and is characterized by the picturesque Baspa River. This valley is full of virgin cedar and pine forests and offers an excellent view of the Himalayan range. Interestingly the climate here is mild as it’s located in the greater Himalayan Range. The Baspa River is targeted by foreign tourists who arrive here in large numbers to angle and watch the exquisite marvels of nature.

Fishing in Himachal Pradesh

Different kinds of fish you can catch here are Rohu, Catfish, Trout and Mahaseer

Mandil in Himachal Pradesh
This is a conveniently located site near the trout hatchery of Chrigaon. This is categorized as general waters so you needn’t obtain special permission for fishing in this spot which is characterized by the sparkling Beas River. Mandil is where all the amateur fishers congregate to learn the sport. Guides are available here who will teach you the basics of angling and hooking.

You will get Mahaseer, Catla, Namachilius and Glyptothorax here in the Beas waters. Other spots good for fishing near Mandil are Seema, Tikri and Dhamavari.

UHL River near Barot
Both golden and the rainbow trout are found in the UHL River because of the proximity of the trout Puran hatchery nearby. This river has crystal clear waters and sometimes you can see the trout actually nibbling on the bait before it bites.

Like the Pabbar Valley here too, you will require permission from the Himachal Pradesh Government before you start angling because it is categorized as trout waters. After you obtain the license you can use only fishing rods and lines here as fishing nets are not allowed.

Streams near the Pandoh Reservoir in Himachal Pradesh
A reservoir is where mature fish are kept and so unlike hatcheries the fish near reservoirs is bigger in size and therefore make for better catch. If you truly want to catch the best trout in Himachal then you should target the upper side streams of the Beas River like Sarvari, Tirthan, Hurla and Sainj and also the areas around Aut, Raison, Katrian and Patikuhl. All these streams originate from Beas and they are very close to Pandoh Reservoir.

The Mandi-Manali highway is a good place from where you can approach these small fishing hubs in Himachal as most are very close to it.

Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh
Mahaseer and River Carp abound in the beautiful Kangra Valley. The large reservoir of Pong Dam is situated near Dehra and this makes the adjoining streams excellent for trout fishing. Garli (20 km from Nadaun) and Lambagaon (15 km from Sujanpur) are great places to go trout fishing.

Angling at the Kangra Valley

Kangra is a very beautiful valley with lots of Monasteries, natural attractions and delectable cuisine. It’s good if you can make a short trip of 3 days to Kangra Valley which can combine sight seeing with angling.

Dadahu near Renuka Lake in Himachal Pradesh
Gaura is a spot which is 30 km from Solan on the road of Rajgarh. Gaura along with Dadahu are spots excellent for Mahaserer and Catla fishing. The crystal waters of Gobind Sagar which are near Bilaspur also stock a good population of Rohu, Golden Mahaseer and Catfish.

The spot Gaura and Dadahu is on the famous river Giri in Solan.

Angling Season and Essentials in Himachal Pradesh

The Angling season is on from March 31st to October 31st. It is said that the best months for fishing are those which have “r” in their names.

The fee for fishing is nominal and has to be paid at the government outlet near the fishing spot. Permission for fishing in trout waters has to be obtained beforehand. Make sure that you read all the rules and regulations well before you start indulging in the sport.

It’s essential to carry along adequate water, packed lunch and snacks, sunscreen, insect repellant, sun shades and extra bait along with you when you go angling. This is a beautiful sport that is richly rewarding and exhilarating for the mind and soul. It’s advisable to return most of the fish (except those you have caught for consumption) to the river or stream for preserving ecological balance.

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh has been immortalized by Bollywood Movies and it’s hard to match the exhilaration levels felt while skiing down perfect icy slopes of beautiful Himachal. There are at least 15 different ski schools in the state which teach amateurs the basics of this exciting sport. There are several adventure camps which organized from November to April which teach this exciting sport.
Sites Popular for Skiing:
  • Narkanda in Pabbar Valley
  • Kufri near Shimla
  • Manali in Kullu Valley

Important Contact Details for Adventure in Himachal Pradesh:

For Skiing, Golf and Accommodation
Himachal Pradesh Tourism  Development Corporation,
The Mall,
Shimla - 171001
Phone no.: 0177 265 2561 / 265 8302
0177 265 2557
Email :-

For Heli-Skiing
Himachal Helicopter Skiing,

For Skiing and Water Sports
Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports,
Manali - 175131

Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering

C-I, Hutments,
Dalhousie Road,
New Delhi  - 110011.
Phone no.: 1902 253 789 / 252 206 / 250 337

For Angling
Chief Warden,
Bilaspur - 174001
Phone no.: 01978 224 068 / 223 212 / 222 568

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