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Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh


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Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is an abode of scenic beauty that attracts people worldwide. The view of pristine hill tops, snow capped mountain peaks, breathtaking landscapes, frolicking waterfalls, beautiful villages and valleys, panoramic viewpoints gives one an eternal peace that can be treasured lifelong. Let's first explore the top view points from where you can view the picturesque Himachal with ease. Here they are:

Scandal Point Shimla

Tourist Spots and View Points in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is known for some magnificent viewpoints that leave one mesmerised. People who come from far and near to visit these viewpoints are never disappointed.

Scandal Point in Shimla

Scandal Point is a very famous tourist destination. Legends have that King of Patiala kidnapped daughter of Viceroy of India from this point, smitten by her beauty. Scandal Point is situated at the Mall Road. One can get a breathtaking view of the picturesque valleys of Shimla from this point. The famous Scotland Church and the Alfa Restaurant are some of the other significant sites that can be viewed from the Scandal Point. The Scandal Point is the highest point in Mall area. A statue of Lala Lajpat Rai stands tall in this point, adding more to its appeal.

Sunrise Point in Kasauli

The beautiful Sunrise Point creates a romantic ambience that no tourist can escape. One can stroll down to Sunrise point which is situated at the Lower Mall, about 35 metres from Ros Common. This point was earlier known as Hawa Ghar as it is marked by air currents throughout the year. One can compromise with their sleep to watch sunrise from this point which is truly an amazing experience.

Sunset Point in Kasauli

The magnificent Sunset Point is situated at the Upper Mall about 100 metres from the beautiful Kasauli Club. The experience of the sun going down, painting the sky pink to light yellow and ultimately dark as the sun finally disappears cannot be explained in words. It is a truly mesmering viewpoint and missing on this is indeed a loss.

Sunset Point Kasauli

Along the Sunset Point is the Lover’s Lane where one can spend some time lazing around.

Summer Hill in Shimla

The picturesque Summer Hill at an altitude of about 6,500 feet is a famous viewpoint. It is one of the seven pristine hills upon which the beautiful hill station, Shimla is built. The abundant greenery and the cool breeze from the pine trees give Summer Hill a very refreshing and soothing touch. One can get an excellent view of the pine trees guarding the slopes and the breathtaking valley from this hill. Summer Hill is known for the famous Himachal Pradesh University. Summer Hill is an ideal place to escape from the scorching and stinging summers and tourists come here in large numbers to relax.

Hattu Peak in Narkanda

The Hattu Peak is an extremely popular view point that attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. Situated at an altitude of about 3,300 metres, Hattu Peak is believed to be the highest point in Narkanda. A breathtaking view of the snow capped mountains from this peak is just magical. The place is of great importance to adventure lovers, who can go for trekking in this peak. While trekking, one gets a magnificent view of the beautiful Dhumari and Jau Bagh slopes. The Hattu Peak has the famous Hattu Mata Temple to worship Hattu Mata, the local goddess.

Monkey Point in Kasauli

The Monkey is a very famous viewpoint in Kasauli. The Monkey Point gets its name from the fact that the site has monkeys in abundance. Believed to be the highest point in Kasauli, the Monkey Point provides a breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayan belt. The point also offers an excellent view of the picturesque valleys down under. The Monkey point is known to have a beautiful temple at the hill top to worship Lord Hanuman. Interestingly, there is a belief that it is this temple that attracts the monkeys to this point.

Solang Valley in Manali

The Solang Valley is a must visit in every tourists wish list. It is situated between the beautiful Manali City and Kothi. The Solang Valley offers a breathtaking, panoramic view of the beautiful snow capped mountains and peaks and the wonderful glaciers. The valley organises a variety of adventurous activities and sports.

Solang Valley in Manali

The valley is known for some famous summer and winter sports which include the summer and winter Skiing, horse riding, paragliding, zorbing and ice skating. One can also go for trekking.

Choor Chandni Peak in Barog

The Choor Chandni Peak is situated at an altitude of about 3,650 metres above the sea level in the magnificent Barog Valley. On a moonlit night, the moon shines with its full glory over the entire peaks of the magnificent Choordhar Mountains. The view of the silvery peaks crowning the mountains at night can simply mesmerise one’s senses giving goose bumps. The sight is just eternal, a completely magical masterpiece.

Famous Bridges of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is blessed with many rivers namely Sutlej, Ravi, Yamuna, Chandrabhaga, Beas and has got many tributaries of these rivers. To ensure traveling is possible from one part of the state to the other parts and also to reach nearby states from Himachal Pradesh, rail and road bridges are built over rivers and deep gorges of Himachal Pradesh. Some of these bridges have become famous for their architectural excellence and people keep coming here to look at them.

Bridges in Himachal Pradesh

Panchpula Bridge Dalhousie

Location of Pachpula is about 3 KM away from Dalhousie, one of the most happening tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. The literal meaning of Panchpula is five bridges or Panch Pul. At Panchpula, a stream gushes down and has become the source of water for many pools. This stream named Panchpula is the main source of water in Dalhousie and its surrounding areas. The origin of Panchpula stream is north part of Daya Kund. People come here to enjoy the scintillating beauty of Panchpula and also to witness a wonderful monument that is constructed at the place where all the streams converge. Tourists who come to have a glance of Panchpula Bridge also like to visit another interesting place nearby, Satdhara Spring. It is believed that the water of Satdhara Spring has medicinal properties and can cure several diseases.

Kandraur Bridge in Bilaspur

Known as the highest road bridge in entire Asia, Kandraur Bridge is constructed on Satluj River. It is located in Kandraur Village in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh. The total length of this bridge is 280 m and the height of the bridge is 80 m. Kandraur Bridge joins Ghumarwin and Bilaspur. It took long five years for the construction of this bridge as the constructed got stated in 1959 and it ended in 1964.

Kandraur Bridge in Bilaspur

The width of Kandraur Bridge is about 7 m. The surrounding areas of the Kandraur Bridge are abundant in limestone rocks. The cement factory of ACC is located 10 KM from Kandraur which is located at Bramana Village of District Bilaspur.

Victoria Bridge Mandi

Considered as one of the oldest bridges built over a river, Victoria Bridge of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh connects Main Mandi City to the Old Mandi City. Travelers use this bridge to travel between New Mandi Area and Old Mandi Area. The bridge was built in 1877 by the then ruler King Bijai Sen of Mandi. The bridge is situated on National Highway No. 20. From Main Bus Stand of Mandi, one has to lead towards Bhimakali Temple and after passing the temple the bridge can be seen.

Victoria Bridge in Mandi

If you are traveling by road then the total distance you need to drive is about 3 KM. Local buses and taxis are available to reach this bridge.

Chamba Pattan Bridge

One of the newest among all bridges is the Chamba Pattan Bridge of Himachal Pradesh. Chamba Pattan is a picturesque place located on the shores of Beas River and is situated about a distance of 10 KM from Pragpur. Chamba Pattan is a double-lane bridge constructed on Beas River and the total length of this bridge is about 200 meters. The total cost of constructing the bridge came out to be Rs. 18 crores approximately.

Driving towards Pinacle

Unexplored Destinations of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the tourism capital of India and is famous for its lovely hill stations and breathtaking splendor. The major tourist attractions of Shimla-Manali-Kullu-Solan-Dharamshala-Dalhousie-Lahaul Spiti are now overexposed and are reeling under the burden of huge tourist traffic that visits them almost all times of the year.

If you are more interested in nature than in commercialization then here is a little list of 20 lesser explored Himachal destinations where you can breathe the mountain air in tranquility and peace.


Miles and miles of arctic desert will greet you in Kaza where nomadism is a way of life. Narrow valleys filled with little hamlets and lofty peaks whose tips merge in with the skyline define this hidden wonder of Himachal. Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti and is a small mountaineering hub. Tibetan culture prevails here with all its open hearted friendliness, steaming thupkas and apple cheeked almond eyed children. You can spend hour’s bird watching and trout fishing in the gleaming Spiti River.

Location - Centrally located in Spiti sub district


If apples interest you then head off to Chindi on of the unknown gems of Himachal. This little place is teeming over with plum and apple orchards. Tiny crooked little cottages with private orchards and apple tour guides are available for tourists who like the local home stay option for accommodation. Chindi is situated inside the beautiful valley of Karsong which has a lot of temples dedicated to Pahari Goddesses. You can spend your days picking apples, going for long walks and going for tours in the local apricot jam plants.

Location - located in Karsong district


The majestic Kinnaur Kailash range that is sacred for all Hindus is something that all residents of Kalpa village wake up to everyday. However you will be mesmerized to see the glorious sunsets and luscious flowers blooming all over this tiny hamlet. Interestingly 100 species of birds reside here so it is an ornithologist’s delight. Snowy peaks of the distant mountain range offer great trekking experience for the more adventurous tourist. Kalpa is the biggest village of Kinnaur which is a tribal district of Himachal Pradesh.

Klapa in Himachal Pradesh

Location - Centrally located in Kinnaur tribal district


Pragpur is one of the first heritage villages in Himachal Pradesh and is an ode to Princess Prag Devi who was the leader in the revolution against Mughals. Historic richness, religious authenticity and cultural uniqueness make this village a hub of artisans, craftsmen and musicians. Every night beautiful music and dance programs are arranged by locals who will give you a glimpse of the local Himachali way of life. If you want to experience the magic of the Kuthiala Soods and breathe in royal charm then pay a visit to Pragpur.

Location - Located 2000 feet above sea level in Kangra district


Gushaini is located in a small pocket at the base of waterfalls and is locally known as the land of waterfalls. It is also a trekking and river rafting hub which has till yet managed to retain its peaceful tranquility. Just 20 km away from this pretty place lie the Great Himalayan National Park. You can select Raju’s Cottage here which serves the beat Himachali cuisine and apple champagne. Gushaini is also well known for trout fishing which makes it an idyllic destination.

Location - Centrally located in Tirthan Valley


Bharmaur is home to the Himachali tribe Gaddis who are skilled in the art of drama and story-telling. The Gaddis can bring to life long forgotten sagas, love stories and heroical deeds of the warriors of the hills. Bharmaur was once the capital of Chamba and is home to amazing collection of temples with fine artistry which are also known as Chaurasi. This is also a good place to stay if you want to approach the Kugti and Chobia pass. Don’t miss out on the antique ruins of Khundel while you are there.

Bharmour in Himachal Pradesh

Location - 65 km away from Chamba valley

Joginder Nagar

The little toy train that runs from Pathankhot has Joginder Nagar as its last stop. This pretty little place is also accessible from Palampur. The Hydel power plant created by monarch Joginder Singh is a special area of interest. Joginder Nagar is also alternatively known as Sukkrahati and is a curious mix of modernity and rustic charm. Stay in Joginder Nagar and sample the rich aromatic Pahari cuisine and take small rides on the toy train. Macchiyal Lake and Gumma Gompa are the main places of interest here.

Location - 25 km away from Mandi and 32 km from Pathankot


Nurpur is so enchanted that the mughal emperor Jahangir named it after his favorite wife and beloved Noor Jehan. Remnants of the glorious Mughal rule are still seen in Nurpur which is why it has been the site for many historical movie shootings and documentaries. Magnificent Nurpur fort, Hare Krishna temple and Brijraj Temple are the primary attractions of Nurpur. If you are a shawl lover then don’t forget to select a fine Pashmina shawl for yourself from here.

Location - 25 km away from Pathankot


Arki is located amidst a gorgeous hillside which has a lot of colorful Frescoes which were constructed by Himachali tribes. These frescoes are called Ast Bayaka Frescoes which are painted in the ancient Arki Kalam style and they are granted recognition by UNESCO world heritage sites. There is a princely palace in Arki which is now developed into a famous heritage hotel.  Arki is a great place for photography and touring the magnificent architecture that is a trademark of this state. Jakholi temple and Bhairon Mandir are unmissable.

Location - 55 km away from Shimla


Don’t confuse the pristine Himachal Pradesh Bilaspur with the bustling Bilaspur of Chattisgarh. The one in Himachal sprawls along the beautiful Sutlej River and is a hub of mountaineering and trekking activities. 15 species of migratory birds visit Bilaspur alternatively in summers and winters in the huge Gobind Sagar Lake. This beautiful lake holds a large variety of fish and avian life.

This is one of the prettiest picnic spots in Himachal Pradesh. If you are visiting Himachal in the winter then don’t miss out on the water sports festival held here.


Sarahan is a pretty unspoilt village that is undisturbed by noisome tourists. There are lofty Himalayan ranges and green meadows which offset Sarahan which was earlier the capital of Rampur Bhusiar (erstwhile Princely state). Sarahan has miles of apple, plum, peach and apricot orchards with jam manufacturing plants located just in its outskirts. There is a 100 year old Bhimkali Mandir which holds a lot of potency. You can also visit the Raja Bushair Palace which has a remarkable style of architecture.

- 115 km away from Shimla


Khajjiar is also known as the poor man’s Switzerland. It is situated in the rocky Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh amidst towering forests of Deodar. There are meadows of daisies and acacias surrounding Khajiar along with wild reeds and crotons. There is a small turf right in the middle of woods which is where some of India’s most famous painters have come to fuel their imagination. Khajjiar is home to pastures, lakes and dense forests making it a unique eco system and a must visit place.

Location - Centrally located in Chamba valley


If you want to see descendants of Alexander the Great’s army then head off to Malana. This is a small hamlet that is completely cut off from the mainstream tourist areas. The community residing here is Dropka and they do not follow any rule of the Indian constitution. The hamlet is christened as the little Greece of India and is filled with striking looking olive skinned blue eyed beautiful people. Majestic Chandrakhani Mountains serve as the backdrop to this unique hamlet surrounded by woods of rhodendrons.

Malana in Himachal Pradesh

- 165 km North East from Kullu in Kullu valley


Though the name sounds distinctly Italian this picture perfect village is in the Kangra Valley of Himachal. Many artists who teach miniature painting in Kangra school of Miniature hail from Andretta. You will be surprised to see many locals speaking fluent Italian and cooking pasta with white wine in their homes. Remarkable patisseries, cafes, bistros and florist stalls dot the lovely Andretta which has a distinct artistic air about it right from the white Dhauladhar framing it to the wild roses overrunning it. Art and music lovers…this is paradise for you.

Location - Located in Kangra Valley of India

Kotgarh and Thanedar

Kotgarh and Thanedar are apple orchard hubs which are famous for their Golden Delicious and Royal Delicious Apples (the best export quality apples of India). These twin places are called the Apple Bowl of India and makes for an unforgettable experience for the nature loving tourist. Apple picking tours and jam making courses are organized here. This place filled with antique Havelis is lovely for taking long walks and relaxing in the peaceful lap of nature.

Location - 25 km away from Narkand in Kullu Valley

Things to Do in Himachal

If you want to keep exploring, then here are some more places you can visit with some other things to do when you visit Himachal.

Drive at the Pinnacle

Can you ever imagine driving at an altitude of 18,380 feet? Himachal Pradesh gives you this amazing opportunity of driving at such an altitude. Khardungla Pass known as the highest motorable road. Grab this opportunity once you are visiting Himachal.

Discover Polyandry

When you are visiting Himachal Pradesh you will get to know that Polyandry is a famous culture over there. This is where a woman marries more than one man. In Himachal this is a very common sight and hence you will learn about this when you visit. You can also attend some of the wedding sin order to know how the wedding takes place and so on.

Trek or Catch some Fishes

Himachal Pradesh is a place which is already so famous for trekking. Hence if you do not visit Himachal then you will definitely miss something important and thrilling. Since there are many famous treks in Himachal Pradesh trekking is a very important adventure sport. Famous peak for trekking is Churdhar Peak. Through this trekking you can witness the beautiful thick forest covering the entire state.

Pabbar Lake in Pabbar Valley of Himachal Pradesh gives you the amazing opportunity of fishing. When you plan to spend your day very lazily and enjoy your vacation then nothing can be better than fishing. Pabbar Valley is rich in trout and offers the best place for encouraging your fishing hobby.

Get on a Toy Train

Missing out the famous Kalka to Shimla toy train ride is just not done when you are in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the most exciting parts of this state.

Toy Train Ride

This ride has become all the more famous after a famous bollywood sequence has been shown.

Have Tea at Kangra

The famous Kangra tea is something you just cannot omit from you schedule. The tea factory and garden in Kangra is worth a visit when you visit Himachal Pradesh. The exotic aroma of tea will attract you more than anything else once you visit Kangra Valley.

Sharpen your Rafting Skills

River water rafting is a famous adventure sport that is supported by Himachal Pradesh. There are many lakes in Himachal Pradesh that allows water sports. Beas River is a famous place for this activity. The thrilling experience that you will gather after river rafting is worth a mention.

Ski into the Mountains

Another famous and exciting adventure sport of Himachal Pradesh is skiing. Kufri remains snow capped almost throughout the year. This makes a perfect spot for skiing.

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh

Although it remains snow covered throughout the year yet the best time for skiing is during the months of January and February.

Visit the River of Love

Chandrabagha River of Himachal Pradesh is famous as an epitome of love. According to the myth it is said that Chandra the son of moon and Bagha the daughter of Sun fell in love with each other and this river is the cenotaph of their love. Both Sunrise and sunset can be viewed from this place and the view is the most beautiful one.

Taste the Variety of Cuisine

Different mountain cuisine is available in Himachal Pradesh. Once you visit this state you should not miss any of the special items. Special delicious items which you must try include Kadhi, Okra, Siddu is a must try. Chiken anardana is also a famous dish and is loved by the non vegetarians.

Kaza in Himachal Pradesh

Although you can involve in multiple other activities in Himachal Pradesh these are just a few. These will definitely guide you before you start planning for a trip to this beautiful place. Bon Voyage!

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