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Monuments of Himachal Pradesh


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Monuments of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has mainly gained popularity for its scenic beauty and for the presence of different mountains and streams. Once you start taking a tour of the famous heritage monuments of this place you will understand the rich historical background of this region. The vast collection of forts, palaces, monuments, temples and monasteries makes Himachal Pradesh extra ordinary in all aspect.

Rang Mahal in Chamba

Palaces of Himachal Pradesh

Being a state that has been in association with many ancient dynasties, Himachal Pradesh houses many heritage monuments which depict their architectural marvel and historical significance. Read about these monuments of Himachal Pradesh in details.

Rang Mahal

Located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Rang Mahal is a famous fort constructed in the 18th century by Raja Umed Singh. The main reason behind setting up this palace was to treasure the royal gain of the Raja. The architecture of this palace depicts the Mughal architecture. Different handicraft items are sold here. The doors of this palace remain the central attraction. The different paintings and carvings on these doors mark the presence of Mughal architecture. Visitors are allowed inside only for a particular hour of the day.

Maharaja Palace

Located in Chail hill station of Himachal Pradesh this famous Palace was built in 1891. The palace is surrounded with beautiful cottages and huts. The surrounding forest makes the palace all the more beautiful. The cottages present inside the palace actually allows tourist to stay there. The cottages are beautifully designed with four rooms along with kitchen and dining facilities. The location of the palace is just in between the hills. This can be an ideal honeymoon spot for newlywed couples.  

Lord Elgins Memorial

This famous memorial is located 7km away from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Lord Elgin loved to take a walk along the rugged land and this uneven surface reminded him of Scotland, his birthplace. He once said to his wife that he must be buried there after his death.

Lord Elgin Memorial

The beautiful glass windows add up to the beauty of this place.

Taragarh Palace

Located at Taragarh in Kangra Valley, this beautiful palace is situated at a height of 3400 feet at the foot of magnificent Dhauladhar Mountain Range. You can enjoy the spectacular surroundings from here. Earlier this palace was known as Al-hilal and was constructed in 1930 as a summer retreat and was bought in 1951 by the royal family of Jammu & Kashmir. Right now this palace has been transformed as a resort.

Nadaun Palace

Nadaun Palace, the residential place of the then ruler of Kangra, King Sansar Chand, has now become a popular tourist spot of Kangra Valley. Located about 48 KM away from Kangra, this architectural masterpiece is famous for murals. The palace is located on the shores of Beas River and has become a preferred spot for weekend outings of picnics.

Jubbal Palace

Nestled among the beautiful hills, this spectacular colonial architecture takes the visitors on a historical journey. This palace used to be the residential place of the rulers of Jubbal Kingdom. The palace is located on the shores of Bishkalti River with a panoramic backdrop of Kuper Peak. The palace was built with the woods of Deodar Trees and the architecture of the palace was influenced by Indian and the European style.

Woodville Palace

Located very high at an altitude of 7000 ft, Woodville Palace is located very near to the Mall in Shimla Town. This palace turned hotel depicts the glorious past of the Indian Rulers and the elegant lifestyle of the Colonial India.

Woodville Palace in Himachal Pradesh

Nalagarh Palace

Nalagarh palace was built in 15th Century AD and still bears the glories and standards of Rajput Rulers. Though the palace has been turned into a heritage hotel, it still has traces of ancient days. The beauty of this palace is enhanced with well designed gardens and fountains and the interiors of this palace reach to a different height with the numerous heritage wall paintings it has.

Sultanpur Palace

Located amidst the green surroundings of Kullu Valley, Sultapur Palace is now a popular heritage spot of Himachal Pradesh. This palace, also called Rupi Palace, has the architecture that combines Colonial and Pahari style. The palace is known for its numerous miniature Pahari Paintings. Visitors have to seek permission to visit Sulatnpur Palace as the members of the royal family still reside here.

Akhand Chandi Palace

Located at Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh State, Akhand Chandi Palace was constructed as a residential place for the rulers of Chamba. The construction was done during 18th century AD and later on addition to this structure was done under the supervision of a British Engineer. This palace showcases architectural excellence of yesteryears. The walls of this palace have beautiful hand paintings done with glass and finely designed wooden carvings can also be seen in various parts of the palace.  The roof of this palace is green and the windows are white in color.

Forts of Himachal Pradesh

Forts in Himachal Pradesh are plenty in numbers and can be found scattered in almost all districts. Rulers of several dynasties have built forts with a purpose of fortification of the area. Read about these forts of Himachal Pradesh that showcase the glorious past of the entire region.

War Memorial

This beautiful fort was build after India gained Independence. This fort is located in Dalhousie district of Himachal Pradesh. The main aim of building this fort was to honor the soldiers who lost their lives in order to gain independence for their country.

War Memorial in Himachal Pradesh

The surrounding green lawns of the fort imbibe a patriotic feeling in the hearts of the tourists.

Bahadurpur Fort

This fort is situated in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh at a height of 1980 metres. As the name suggests this fort was the home to all the brave soldiers during 1600 AD. At present the fort only remain in ruins due to the extremities caused by the weather. During the winter season this fort gets covered in mountains and they offer a magnificent view.

Kamlah Fort

This fort was built by Raja Hari Sen and after his death it was finished by his son Suraj Sen in the year 1625. The main attraction of this fort is its height. It is built at a height of 4772 metres. The only way to reach the fort is by trekking. Whenever you plan to visit this fort you must be aware of the dangerous trekking route that leads to this fort. This fort is located nearly 80 km away from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

Kamru Fort

Placed at a height of 2600 metres Kamru Fort is nearly 2 km away from Sangla Valley. This is the oldest fort in Kinnaur region. The interesting fact about Kamru Fort is the presence of numerous gates. The main gate contains a Buddha portrait. The entire fort is a wooden storied building.

Kamru Fort in Himachal Pradesh

In the third floor the idol of Goddess Kamakshi Devi is placed. There is also a beautiful hanging wooden balcony in the upper portion of the fort. Local people organize a fair every year in order to pay tribute to the Goddess.

Kuthar Fort

This is the oldest fort in Shimla region. Few sections of this fort are as old as 800 years. Kuthar Fort is the major attraction of Solan. The beautiful water streams present inside the fort makes it even more spectacular. The inside of the fort is beautiful with the presence of amazing pillars, carved ceiling made up of wood and temples of different deities. Visiting this fort can be a real time adventurous event.

Nurpur Fort

Known as the most exotic forts of Himachal Pradesh, Nurpur Fort was constructed by Jahangir and named after his wife Nurjahan. The lush green fields behind this fort make it even more beautiful. The walls of the palace are beautifully decorated with curved paintings. Both the interior and exterior of the fort provides a beautiful view.

Arki Fort

This fort of Himachal Pradesh was constructed between 1800 and 1805. Rana Prithvi Singh is known as the founder of this fort. This is the major tourist spot of Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. The architecture of this fort is a mixture of both Mughal and Rajput architecture which makes it more beautiful.

Arki Fort in Himachal Pradesh

Paintings, carvings and other designs inside the fort leaves the tourists with awe.

Sujanpur Fort

Situated in the heart of Hamirpur town, Sujanpur Fort is a beautifully designed fort of Himachal Pradesh. The fort has a huge collection of temples and shrines. The centrally located ground in the fort is the main attraction of the fort. During Holi festival this ground witnesses the amazing mixture of colors. There is a royal palace attached to this fort. The view from this fort is really beautiful.

We hope our article will help you to know a bit more about the important forts of Himachal Pradesh.

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